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I've contacted this manufacturer in China called Skynet International HK Trade Co Limited to have some custom products made for me.The motto of their company is Quality is First, Credibility is First!

I worked with a manager of the products creation named Parise Shankuan. The first mistake was, I paid to have 2 samples made. The order was delay several times. When I finally received the order, only one of the samples were complete.

They apologize and said they were going to fix the problem They gave me the run around and ended up not fixing the problem. Parise Shankuan assured me for the order I will be placing, they will make sure nothing goes wrong. He kept reassuring and reassuring. He even went as far as sending me their company work authorization certificate.

So I paid half the deposit to have the products made. As first he told me, they never received the deposit. Then later said oh yes, they did. I was told to make the products will take 3weeks.

I ended up waiting for over 3 months still no product. Every time I contact him, he would avoid my call and email. After I sent letters to all of their other customers, then he finally decided to contact me. He then tells me, that the supplier they were working with could not make the product and they have found that out now.

They've hire a new supplier to make the product. This was all new to me, considering the fact that they told me that their company were the ones to be making my product. After another long wait, they finally finished the product. They now send me a new invoice of a increase charge.

They apologize and said all of the prices in their country has increase. So I either pay or they will not release my product. I am so digusted with this company.

If you are looking for a manufacture to do business with, please stay away from DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH SKYNET INTERNATIONAL HK TRADE CO.Website:

Review about: Order Delay.


Guangzhou, Guangdong, China #703416

This is Parise from Skynet International.

My first time to read this post is from one of my friend, is also my customer.

I am unwilling to do anything to this ridiculous post, but I did because we have to respect the truth.

If you want to find the truth, please click the below dropbox link, and you will how ridiculous this post be.

Honestly, what the total money we receive from LAPA is 3194USD(1st order amount)+200USD(2pcs samples manufacturing cost)=3394USD.

And we already deliver all 600 units watch to her according to our commit agreed with LAPA.

So why the Monetary Loss is 3500USD? Thanks god, and who can help me calculate?!

We respect every customers,including the customers who know nothing about factory operation, who know nothing about international trade business, and even the customers who do NOT know how to respect us.

Business is business. What we do is trying to find a way in win-win mode.

Anyway. I am sorry to write so much and also thanks for your reading.

Yours Sincerely,

Parise Shankuan

Skynet International (HK) Trade Co., Limited

Quality is First, Credibility is First!

Skype: parise_shankuan

Mobile: +86 180 3805 5085

Phone/Fax: +86 755 2908 9802


Guangzhou, Guangdong, China #703252

Thanks for Patience from LAPA watch company.

This is Parise from Skynet International, who is the lead of this post.

We respect every customers and do business with any customers in win win mode.

We have done a lot to her and try every best to help her to get the first samples of her brand, even we told her how to arrange the TT transfer during the early phase.

Now this post is what she judge to our company and to me.

If you want to know the truth about this only case.

Please by click the below link of dropbox and see who is that.

or your can contact me directly by

We are pleasure to share you the truth.

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